Special projects

In 2023 we decided that we wanted to do more than just throw events. We wanted to do something meaningful and contribute positively to society. We sat down and thought about how we could go about doing this and came up with the concept of ‘Purpose Driven Parties’.

We created high quality silicone bands that would serve as a physical ticket and get a sponsor to contribute towards the cost of the bands. This way we could charge the same entry fee for our events and donate a portion of that fee to our chosen charity for the upcoming event.

This meant that every ticket we sold, every ticket buyer would be contributing to a cause and each unique silicone band would be proof of their contribution. Each event has its own colour band, also making them collectors items.

Due to the high costs of some of these events, we can’t do this for every event. However, we will always contribute and get involved wherever we can, in any way that we can.


A time for giving


Our first cause was Fallen Angels Pet Rescue. With the help of our marketing partner, Deep Thought Media, we sponsored a professional video shoot valued at more than R10,000, and raised almost R5000 to donate towards food and shelter for the animals.

For our December special project we set up a TOY DRIVE to gather as many toys as possible to donate to various charities. Not all kids have a happy experience during the festive season and we would like to reach out to our community to donate old or unused toys. With the help of our drop-off volunteers, we managed to pull together a sizeable donation, just in time to get them wrapped and delivered.

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